GCC 3.4.5 release plans

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Sorry, hit the wrong button again:-(
For those who missed the message, we are discussing the Yacas plugin 
interface which apparently needs libltdl.

>> So it seems that what is actually required is the libltdl library.
>> Interestingly it refers to platforms supported by libltdl rather than
>> OSs which support it.
> I'm not sure why that's of relevance.  libltdl is just a library that
> wraps up or fakes dynamic linking.
Elsewhere, it does say that you need to write a platform dependent 
instantiation of an abstract DLL class. Something to be investigated 
in future once GCC 4 is available, I guess. But I would be interested 
to know if anyone is aware of other packages with a similar 
requirement. Much of Yacas is borrowed from Lisp and some from Python.


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