Philosophy and hardware (was: Re: GCC 3.4.5 release plans)

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> On a related note, I'm wondering whether there are lurkers out there who
> would like to do development on GCCSDK/UnixLib/ChoX11 but are lacking a
> suitable Unix system to do it on?  If you could have an account on such a
> system would that be helpful for development?  I'm not necessarily
> able to do this (for one thing I have no suitable hardware at the
> moment) but thought it's worth investigating the demand.

I'll soon be able to provide Linux accounts for just such a thing,
although I imagine such demand is quite limited, with most people having
access to a Windows/Unix/MacOS X machine.

Although I think with shared libraries we'll be much closer to being
able to run things like autoconf under RISC OS natively, although I'm
sure there are lots of fiddly bits to be sorted - I suspect quite a bit
of work, but not of it terribly taxing.  

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