Norcroft patch 2005-05-29

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Thu Jun 2 02:19:43 PDT 2005

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> Hi!
> Again I have put together a set of patches that make UnixLib compilable
> with Norcroft. I submitted parts of this patch already the last time,
> but not all of the individual patches have been applied. If there are
> questions regarding particular patches, don't hesitate to ask why I
> think they're necessary.

I have fixed a few of these, but your conditional assembler changes
aren't accepted by 'as':

Warning: Symbol SOFTFLOAT is implicitly imported

Part of the problem is of course that SOFTFLOAT is an internal value I
made up to support soft-float implementation, and certainly isn't known
by objasm.  I'm not sure what the answer might be at this point.

#ifdef __GCC__

It's never been __GCC__, you mean __GNUC__.

Norcroft compatibility is all very well, but you need to be careful that
what you're suggesting doesn't break things for the majority of overs
using cross builds.

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