Norcroft patch 2005-05-29

Stefan Bellon sbellon at
Thu Jun 2 14:09:36 PDT 2005

Peter Naulls wrote:


> Warning: Symbol SOFTFLOAT is implicitly imported

> Part of the problem is of course that SOFTFLOAT is an internal value
> I made up to support soft-float implementation, and certainly isn't
> known by objasm.  I'm not sure what the answer might be at this point.

Hm, I'm continuing to think about it.

> #ifdef __GCC__

> It's never been __GCC__, you mean __GNUC__.

Ooops, sorry!

> Norcroft compatibility is all very well, but you need to be careful
> that what you're suggesting doesn't break things for the majority of
> overs using cross builds.

Yes, I agree. Part of the problem is that I don't have the time to test
it with GCC as well. :-/

The big advantage of getting it to compile with Norcroft as well is the
fact that the code gets cleaner and more portable because Norcroft is
pickier about things than GCC is. You have added switches to make GCC
more verbose, but Norcroft is still more talkative.

Stefan Bellon

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