Norcroft patch 2005-05-29

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Thu Jun 2 14:40:50 PDT 2005

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          Stefan Bellon <sbellon at> wrote:

> The big advantage of getting it to compile with Norcroft as well is the
> fact that the code gets cleaner and more portable because Norcroft is
> pickier about things than GCC is. You have added switches to make GCC
> more verbose, but Norcroft is still more talkative.

Well, I don't think that's really true.  I know that historically
Norcroft probably produced more warnings, and certainly by default does
way more, but I think GCC 3 probably produces a much broader range than
Norcroft does - it's just that we've long since fixed most of them.
Some of the files that we didn't write still have dozens of warnings in

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