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Thu Jun 9 01:49:14 PDT 2005

At 09.43 09/06/2005 +0100, Nick Burrett wrote:
>You should download all zip files and just uncompact them within the same directory, which will merge the seperate !GCC directories together into one large application.
>Files like 'cc1' and 'cc1plus' are supposed to be buried in directories like !gcc.bin.arm-riscos-aof.3_4.  They aren't called directory, rather you just call 'gcc' and it looks in the right places.
>So expect a structure like this:
>You do not need these directories, as they are already contained within !gcc. They are provided so that users of Acorn's C compiler can use the libraries.

Perfect. What you say is exactely what happens when I uncompact all the stuff.
And the structure (apart drlink, which I don't remember to have seen) is exactely what you say.
The matter is that this way nothing, really nothing, works. 

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