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> Hi!
> I am new list member, and even a new riscos/gcc user, so hi to all.
> I just downloaded GCC version 3.4.4-release-2 and tried to install it
> on my RiscOS 4.39 equipped RiscPC machine.  
> Well I am having all the troubles of the world. Concerning the installation
> guide, I shall just unzip everything togheter and have a !GCC application
> at the end.

When starting a new post, don't reply to an existing message, as this
means it gets threaded with unrelated posts.

> My problem is that unzipping all the stuff sounds like not being enough.
> There's stuff like "cc1plus" that ends in "!GCC.lib.arm-riscos-aof.3_4";
> There's a lot of stuff lost around these paths, and to start having
> something working, I had to move to the "!GCC.bin" directory. At the


I really don't know what you've done, but the "quick start" tells you
precisely what to do:

If you want C++, then you also need the C++ Compiler archive mentioned
in the same section.  That is all; moving stuff around is sure to result
in confusion and pain.

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