RISC OS paths in cross compiled source

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> I'm sure I've seen the answer to this, but I can't find it.  What does the
> cross compiler do when faced with RISC OS filenames like:
> #include "Fish:Haddock.h"
> when cross compiling code under Unix?  Is there any way to indicate the
> location of Fish: on the Unix filesystem?
> [note this is the reverse of an issue I raised a while ago where I wanted to
> map /some/unix/path to riscos$Path.  I ought to submit a patch for that]
> Theo
(from the README in CVS)

RISC OS filename compatibility issues for the cross-compiler

Since the cross-compiler is built to execute on a Unix-like file 
it expects file naming conventions particular to that operating 
However, since there is going to be a lot of source code out there 
makes use of some RISC OS pathname features, the pre-processor has 
fixed to cope with path variable names in file names.

When the pre-processor attempts to read an include statement like:
  #include <DeskLib:Wimp.h>
it will try to resolve the DeskLib reference against the environment 
DESKLIB_PATH.  So you could install the DeskLib header files in a 
such as /home/riscos/libs/include/desklib.  To get GCC to search in 
directory for those headers, simply define the variable:
  $ export DESKLIB_PATH=/home/riscos/lib/include/desklib

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