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Thu Jun 9 12:51:06 PDT 2005

At 19.38 09/06/2005 +0100, Theo Markettos wrote:

>Dir. ADFS::HardDisc4.$.Programs.GCC344r1.!gcc.bin.arm-riscos-a.3_4 Option 02 (Run)
>That'll be the problem.  Your unzip tool is truncating filenames to 12
>characters - that should be arm-riscos-aof. Either get a new version of
>SparkPlug (2.26 works for me) or use a command line unzip.

Thanks a lot Theo.
Indeed I has SparkPlug 2.25, and using the 2.26 one you suggest I obtain
a correctly file name lenght.
Apparently things look better now. I can run the compilers (C and C++)
and everything looks like being found.
I just obtain this error:
"SWI value out of range for module SharedCLibrary"
How to fix this?

On a side note, I gave a try to GCC 3.4.4 Rel 2 on another RiscPC
featuring StrongArm but RiscOS 3.70. Here the filenames are
cut so much that the above quoted path results being
"!gcc.bin.arm-riscos". Funny that in this situation (note that
I had several "overwrite" warning during sparkplug unzipping), the
C compiler works well (well, at least it compiles the HELLOW example)
while the C++ one gives one mile long error list. 

Thanx again

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