newbie help

Theo Markettos theo at
Thu Jun 9 14:36:13 PDT 2005

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 09:51:06PM +0200, Luca wrote:
> Apparently things look better now. I can run the compilers (C and C++)
> and everything looks like being found.
> I just obtain this error:
> "SWI value out of range for module SharedCLibrary"
> How to fix this?

Do you have the 32 bit shared C library from Castle?

> On a side note, I gave a try to GCC 3.4.4 Rel 2 on another RiscPC
> featuring StrongArm but RiscOS 3.70. Here the filenames are
> cut so much that the above quoted path results being
> "!gcc.bin.arm-riscos". Funny that in this situation (note that
> I had several "overwrite" warning during sparkplug unzipping), the
> C compiler works well (well, at least it compiles the HELLOW example)
> while the C++ one gives one mile long error list. 

That's because of filename truncation.  On a 10 character filing system RISC
OS will find files that have had names truncated from longer ones.  But in
the case of the C++ standard library there are many files with long names so
multiple filenames will truncate to the same name and overwrite each other.

It's highly recommended you use GCC on a filing system that supports long
filenames, such as raFS or LongFiles.


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