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> Between the months of January and May (inclusive) I have been working on 
> the GCCSDK for 8-10 hours/day, 5-6 days/week.  Progress has been made on 
> UnixLib and making GCC build ELF binaries for RISC OS.  Though in the 
> case of the latter, these changes haven't seen the light of day yet.

That is a huge amount of work.  I know, because I've spent a significant
portion of that same period working on the project and related stuff.
Not in the same ball park, but certainly a large amount.

> I started on the RISC OS GCC project back in November 1994, I've grown
> tired of it and would like to do something else now.  I thank all those 
> who have used the SDK over the years, commented on it, developed it, 
> tested it etc.  It has certainly helped to reduce the workload.
> I will place my RISC OS/ELF changes for GCC 4.1 and Binutils and my 
> QEMU/RISC OS emulator onto the FTP next week, marking 
> my end to the project.

I had wondered if it might come to this.  I appreciate that RISC OS has
long ceased to be of wide-spread interest, and expecting you not to move
onto gainful employment would be selfish indeed.  I certainly look
forward to seeing your GCC 4 stuff, and the improvements with that, and
I hope that moving to newer versions will be much less painful with that
in place.

As for future administration of the project, ideally, I didn't really
want to take that on (even though I've done the last few releases), but
I'm not sure there's anyone else who knows the compiler and all the
tools as well.  Of course, as you probably now know, I too after summer
will no longer be able to spend as much time on the project, after a
move to the US, but intend to remain involved as much as practical.

I don't think I need to repeat how much you've done for the project;
I've said that several times before.  But hopefully I can have a cheque
with your name on it from the proceeds of Firefox work.  I won't be a
huge amount, but perhaps a suitable parting token.

Can I also enquire as to the status of the hosting?
Alternate hosting is easily arranged if you no longer care to look after

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