RISC OS paths in cross compiled source

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Mon Jun 13 12:07:01 PDT 2005

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          Nick Burrett <nick at sqrt.co.uk> wrote:

> I wondered whether filename translation could be seperated out from 
> UnixLib.  Standardise the interface a bit and convert into a module that 
> could be generally accessible by all applications, without a requirement 
> to link against UnixLib or Libscl.
> Since filename translation isn't really a performance penalty, then a 
> couple of SWIs to translate between RISC OS and Unix filenames would 
> suffice.

The problem I see is that some Unix based programs really require a
particular setting of __riscosify_control otherwise they won't work in
all/many situations.  An example is CVS which requires that
xyz = unixify(riscosify(unixify(xyz))) for all possible xyz Unix paths.

> The other possible addition would be a manual for the C library 
> functions themselves, most of which could be extracted from glibc.

I don't see the added value compared to online resources like

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