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> > > While we're at it, I'm going to remove !Clib from being packaged.  It's
> > > only used by !LCC, and that takes its own copy interally.  !Clib
> > > unhelpfully sets C$Path which conflicts with Acorn C/C++.   Unless
> > > anyone has any objections of course.
> > 
> > Maybe just a question where we are heading as stub recommendation for
> > GCC module builders ? StubsG <URL:http://support.riscos.com/Support/Resources/Libraries/StubsG/index.html> ?
> > Of course the Castle C:o.Stubs should work too but isn't accessible to
> > everybody.
> The GCC stubs theoretically contain fully module support.

Right, I incorrectly thought for a moment that Clib was needed for this.

> > The nice thing about the StubsG release is that it also contains a
> > CMunge 32-bit capable release.
> I hadn't realised that.  We ought to note that.

I'm currently playing with the module support for GCC and see how far we are
with it and also have a play with that CMunge version (I don't have
experience with that version).  I'll create a document explaining how to
use it, possibly with a small example.  When that's cleared out, I think
we can have a release 3.

> > !Clib would be another candidate as stub with additional work but I don't
> > see much advantage to create just another one (maybe apart from the
> > riscosify() code but that's something which could be extracted from UnixLib
> > and delivered separately).
> > 
> > Or am I overlooking something ?
> You're suggesting use of CLib with Norcroft in order to obtain the
> riscosify stuff?  I think if you need it that badly, you can either
> extra the code yourself or use GCC.

No, I was wrongly thinking that Clib is needed for GCC linking with
the SharedCLibrary.

So summerized, there are no good reasons to have !Clib shipped as part
of GCCSDK release, it is currently only useful for non-Norcroft and
non-GCC compilers, i.e. currently LCC.

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