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          Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:

> I've added a new function to my UnixLib, __unixify_ext, which is a
> helper to disambiguate unqualified input filenames to a program, based
> upon a given filename extension.   This is for programs which look at
> their input filename closely, and can become upset at being handed a
> RISC OS filename.
> You can see an example of its use in the bzip2 patch I'm about to check
> in.  I'd appreciate any comments.

Presumably it searches the filename for the given extension, and if
found uses the dot or slash preceding it to make the decision?

What about doing a mimemap lookup on the final segment of the filename,
and if it matches assume it is the extension? That would be more
general purpose, but potentially more complex/unexpected behaviour.


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