Experimental GCC supporting dynamic linking and shared libraries

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Tue Nov 22 16:06:05 PST 2005

In message <4dcdf5ecf2leenoar at ukos.com>
          Lee Noar <leenoar at ukos.com> wrote:

> I've uploaded an unofficial, experimental version of GCC to my
> web site:
> <http://www.leenoar.ukos.com/gcc/index.html>
> This is an ELF only toolchain which can be used to build shared
> libraries and dynamically linked binaries for RISC OS.
> It comprises of GCC 3.4.4 and binutils 2.15. All tools supplied
> are themselves dynamically linked (which helps test the system
> as it's developed).
> [...]

Is it possible to make a diff a available for this code ? I'm interested
to see what the changes are so far.

> Although all should be 32bit compatible, shared libraries are
> stored in the RMA on all systems. I intend to change this to a
> dynamic area for 32bit systems in a future release.

Why not always store it in DA ? And I would make it RO too so that if
someone tries to write to it, this gets faulted.

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