GCC 3.4.5 release pending

John-Mark Bell jmb202 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Nov 27 08:02:17 PST 2005

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005, Peter Naulls wrote:

> I'm not aware of any issues that really need to be fixed for this release,
> although I do have a little bit of code to go in.  John Tytgat has been
> generally cleaning things up in preparation for a release. 
> The actual release will not be immediately, since I don't know
> precisely when the upstream will be, but in preparation, can I
> have a green/red light from the following people:
> John Tytgat, Alex Waugh, John-Mark Bell, Stefan Bellon, Theo Markettos.

I can't think of anything outstanding that would prevent a release; so 
green light from me.


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