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> I have recently downloaded and compiled GCCSDK on my Linux box. Having 
> just used it to port GhostScript 8.50 to RISC OS I would like to say a 
> big thank-you to everyone involved in creating and maintaining GCCSDK. 
> It is a stunning tool with really good documentation making it 
> incredibly easy to compile Unix software for RISC OS. Well done!

Great, but don't forget to add GS to the GCCSDK autobuilder so everyone
can recreate it.

> The Firefox documentation points at
> but this refers to using Unix Porting Project programs and has a lot 
> more info about UnixHome and X servers, etc., which might confuse 
> users who just happen to want GhostScript. Furthermore, clicking on 
> the !System icon or the SharedUnixLibrary link leads to a directory 
> listing with multiple entries that are not explained. Could we have a 
> single definite download page just for SharedUnixLibrary?

I'm not sure why there are 3 files in that directory - John will have
to answewr that. The link on the page should just refer to
The definitive URL is supposed to be:

As for the page itself, it's hard to decide what should go on it.  Many
of my problems do of course require the additional components, as does
NetSurf and other ports.  As you know, is being redone as a
Wiki, so there's no reason why you or someone else couldn't try for a
better version of the page.


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