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>> > Great, but don't forget to add GS to the GCCSDK autobuilder so everyone
>> > can recreate it.
>> Unfortunately, I do not think this can work because there is a bit of
>> manual intervention required to build the code (e.g., the GhostScript
>> build process builds intermediate executables that need to be run
>> natively to create additional files) and the result is not just a
>> single executable but needs to be packaged with its resource files.
> You've tried it with autobuilder ?


> I never looked at how GS is being built but it is certainly not the only
> program requiring the native host compiler to build programs which are
> used in the build procedure only.

Maybe, but I cannot see how the autobuilder could possibly distinguish 
between transient executables that need to be built natively and 
executables that need to be built for RISC OS, even more so as the 
cross-compiler hides the original gcc anyway.

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