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> Maybe, but I cannot see how the autobuilder could possibly distinguish
> between transient executables that need to be built natively and 
> executables that need to be built for RISC OS, 

I'm not really sure what you're trying to say.  Why would it need to
distinguish - perhaps you're referring to what files go in the archive.
That's entirely up to you.   If it truly needed to tell files apart, it
could use the 'file' command. In fact, that is used in a couple of
places in the system, but that's not really relevant here.

> even more so as the cross-compiler hides the original gcc anyway.

Well, it's true that the path is set so the cross compiler is the
default, however it doesn't "hide" it.  If you need to explictely call
the native compiler, your best bet is to use /usr/bin/gcc.  But I think
at this point you need to look through some examples. 

For an example of something really simple that does this, look at

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