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>> Maybe, but I cannot see how the autobuilder could possibly distinguish
>> between transient executables that need to be built natively and
>> executables that need to be built for RISC OS,
> I'm not really sure what you're trying to say.  Why would it need to
> distinguish - perhaps you're referring to what files go in the archive.

No, I am referring to which of the executables it builds natively and 
which it builds for RISC OS. The GhostScript build process builds some 
helper utilities that are then run natively to generate some more 
source code.

> For an example of something really simple that does this, look at
> emulation/dgen.

OK. Yes, it calls the native gcc but as an action in the setvars 
script that is executed right after getting the sources. To get 
GhostScript to build, there has to be a way to build some targets 
natively after configuring the sources.

So, would the following work?

ab_make() {
  make <native target1>
  make <native target2>
  <set paths to enable the porting tools>

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