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Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Apr 25 18:37:43 PDT 2006

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          John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> wrote:

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> > Or is it not straightforward?
> It is, or it should be at least.  I've spend quite some time in updating
> most of the libraries in GCCSDK autobuilder allowing to start building
> (nearly) all libraries from scratch and in the right order.  I can only
> encourage more people to make use of my update work. ;-)
> In the near future I would like to get the libraries at www.riscos.info
> updated but time is going to be a very limited resource the next three weeks.
> I'll mail you a copy of curl I just happen to find in one of my build dirs.

Yes, as John says, it is reasonably straightfoward, however there's no
good concept of build dependencies (we do try and hijack some of the
Debian ones), and anyone doing this will find themselves in a constant
state of maintenance due to churn in upstream changes, given how many we

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