[gccsdk] UnixLib and current Norcroft

David J. Ruck druck at druck.org.uk
Sat Feb 3 09:05:47 PST 2007

After finding ARMalyser built with GCC against UnixLib was substantially
faster for my sprintf heavy code than with GCC against the SCL, I wanted to
check Norcroft with UnixLib rather than the SCL. It the latest Norcoft 5.65
still supported?

On compilation I got the following:-

"UnixLib:h.features", line 297: Error: differing redefinition of #define macro __STDC_IEC_559_COMPLEX__
"UnixLib:sys.h.cdefs", line 143: Warning: Undefined macro '__GNUC__' in #if - treated as 0

I bodged round the former by placing a #undef in the header which probably
isn't correct, but I don't make any use of complex in the code. I ignored the
latter warning.

However on linking with UnixLib 4.1 I got an undefined symbox, after tracking
down UnixLib 4.3 which is the latest I can find in the gcc releases, I now
get two undefined symbols.

RM Linker:     ___arm_alloca_alloc, referred to from UnixLib:o.unixlib(o).
ARM Linker:     __muldi3, referred to from UnixLib:o.unixlib(o).

I can't find either of these symbols in the UnixLib source, just in the
library binary itself, so I assume they are routines built in to GCC?


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