[gccsdk] ELF vs AOF Desklib

Theo Markettos theo at markettos.org.uk
Tue Feb 6 11:00:19 PST 2007

As Adam and I discovered on the 'Building Desklib' thread in csa.p, there
are two branches of Desklib: trunk/ for ELK and branches/aof/ for AOF.  The
autobuilder is picking up the trunk version, which is fine if you're
building ELF but not if you're using GCC 3.4.  Currently it doesn't build
with GCC 3.4 unless you hack the setvars file to use the AOF branch.

What's the best design for the autobuilder to handle this?  I could imagine
an AOF branch of the autobuilder SVN too, but that'd be somewhat annoying if
there wasn't much difference between the two.  Would it be sensible to have
an option to the autobuilder 'build' script, --elf or --aof or something,
and pass that through to switch package build options?


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