[gccsdk] ELF vs AOF Desklib

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Tue Feb 6 15:04:38 PST 2007

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> > [snip AOF/ELF]
> > 
> > Further to this, is it possible to build a local copy of DeskLib using
> > the stable 3.4 GCC? I notice that the makefile.unix only refers to ELF.
> I haven't tried it but on first sight I would say that when you take
> the DeskLib at branches/aof and do *not* have AB_ELFBUILD set to "yes",
> you're selecting AOF based build.  No ?

Oooh, yes it works :) once I set GCCSDK_INSTALL_CROSSBIN to point at
\home\riscos\cross\bin\ (and learn that the ! in "cd !DLSources" needed

I was about to ask if instructions on how to build with the stable
branch of GCC should be added to the wiki, but I've noticed that the
Updates text file has a note (dated 1st Jan 2008!) saying the next
release will be an ELF one.

Is the plan to hold fire until the AOF GCC is considered stable? Is that

If not, I'd quite like to make some contributions to DeskLib - what
build should I be working with?


Adam Richardson          Carpe Diem

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