[gccsdk] Building UnixLib

Stefan Bellon sbellon at sbellon.de
Tue Feb 13 00:23:59 PST 2007

David J. Ruck wrote:

> The makefile is has ASflags containing

>    -predefine "SOFTFLOAT SETA 0" 
> which should be ok, and {FALSE} should already be known. Its not
> something I've used in objasm myself, but it seems to match the
> syntax given in the DDE manual, so I'm not sure what else I'm missing.

Around two years ago (when still had time to actively develop my GnuPG
port) I kept UnixLib up-to-date, built it with Norcroft and sent
"Norcroft reports" together with patches to this list.

Now, this posting of yours rang a bell and I digged out the old source
and had a look. And indeed, I patched UnixLib in those cases to read

        [ SOFTFLOAT = 0

instad of the other syntax. I /think/ I once submitted a patch on this,
but as my hard disc suffered a crash a year ago or so, I lost 80 % of
my emails and I am not able to verify this.

Stefan Bellon

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