[gccsdk] GCCSDK GCC 4 status update

Nick Burrett nick at sqrt.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 00:03:26 PST 2007

John Tytgat wrote:
> The biggest issues are (again IMHO):
> 1. Static constructor/destructors are not called : I'm not sure what the
>    way forward is but it looks to me that the .ctor/.dtor sections are
>    correctly populated in the ELF binary but that the ELF loader needs
>    to call those ? Or is the runtime library supposed to do that ?
>    Suggestions ?

This can either be done by the ELFloader, or you can build libgcc with 
certain options to make it perform the explicit ctor/dtor calls.  The 
latter was used in the AOF implementation.

> 4. Maybe the missing stack chunk support for __builtin_apply(),
>    __builtin_apply_args() and __builtin_return() could spoil the support
>    for languages like Ada or Java.  I'm not sure where they are typically
>    used.

__builtin_apply and __builtin_apply_args are frequently used by 
Objective-C and Objective-C++.  I can't remember whether they are used 
in Ada.



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