[gccsdk] GCC 3.4.6 and Softfloat

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Mon Jan 15 07:14:03 PST 2007

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          "David Brown" <david.brown at eu.citrix.com> wrote:

> I was wondering if it's currently possible/practical to build Unixlib
> 5.0 as an AOF/ALF for use with GCC 3.4.6.  Specifically I would like to
> try the softfloat support with my Quake 2 port to determine the level of
> performance gain that would be achieved before getting heavily into
> reworking the floating point use in Quake2/Mesa.

It's possible, and we did some experiments on this some years back, but
found that the gains weren't significant under that combination - but we
weren't about to figure out why.  I don't have the precise details to
hand of how to arrange this build, but it is not hard.

> I have attempted to build GCC4.x under Cygwin but haven't had much luck
> and don't have access to a Linux machine.

We'll need to work through the issues.  I think that this is a better
solution, as it helps everyone.

Don't forget to add Q2 to the autobuilder.

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