[gccsdk] GCC 3.4.6 and Softfloat

David Brown david.brown at eu.citrix.com
Mon Jan 15 08:00:26 PST 2007

> We'll need to work through the issues.  I think that this is a better
> solution, as it helps everyone.
I'll try to put together a list of the problems that I hit once I get
home this evening.

> Don't forget to add Q2 to the autobuilder.
I'd be more than happy to once I've got a unixy build environment going.
Would it possible for me to put the Quake2 sources in your subversion
depot somewhere?  There isn't a standard place to get updated sources
from so the patching approach taken by most autobuilder components
probably isn't appropriate.  It would also be nice to actually get some
sort of source control in place :)



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