[gccsdk] GCC 3.4.6 and Softfloat

David Brown david.brown at eu.citrix.com
Tue Jan 16 14:21:00 PST 2007

John Tytgat wrote:
> Can you confirm you're using a GCC 4.1.1 snapshot with binutils 2.17 ?
> for those I expect to see a perfect patch match.  I don't think
> our patches can be applied to next versions without updating but still
> believe the updating would require minor effort for someone who's a
> familiar with the code and knows what the patches do and why.
Yes, I downloaded both of these as tar.bz files from the GNU site.

I can now confirm that the patch file that couldn't be applied was

Additionally I got past the gcc.texi file generation by commenting out
the manfile generation.  At this point I'm getting a failure trying to
build unixlib:

/home/dave/gccsdk/gcc4/srcdir/libunixlib/configure: line 4354:
AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN: command not found
/home/dave/gccsdk/gcc4/srcdir/libunixlib/configure: line 4355:
AM_PROG_LIBTOOL: command not found
Configure: creating ./config.status
Config.status: error: cannot find input file: Makefile.in

Unfortunately I'm a little rusty on linux and have no experience with
configure files so am not sure how to progress now.


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