[gccsdk] __feature_imagefs_is_file

Alex Waugh alex at alexwaugh.com
Fri Jan 19 13:55:32 PST 2007


The default value of __feature_imagefs_is_file is currently 0, so all
image files are treated as a directory. For most purposes, I find this
to be the wrong option, particularly for ported command line
applications. The most common annoyance is not handling zip files as
expected when SparkFS is loaded.
Therefore, unless anybody objects, I'd like to change the default to 1.
Applications which care about this setting probably already override the
default anyway, and it's easy enough to do if they don't already. For
applications that don't override it, when the user does have a need to
access inside an image file, it is easy enough for the user to change
the current directory to inside the image file then run the command from
there, then it won't matter when the __feature_imagefs_is_file setting


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