[gccsdk] Throwback & file naming

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Mon Jul 9 14:07:40 PDT 2007

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          Adam <lists at snowstone.org.uk> wrote:

> I've got a source directory containing c and h files named like "file/h"
> and "file/c". These compile fine without and special changes to the gcc
> command line, however the throwback gets confused. The throwback is
> generated OK, but double-clicking in the window generates a "file not
> found" error because it's looking for "c.file", not "file/c".
> Is there any way of solving this?

The following is a possibility, I haven't tried it and if it works, don't
count on it being supported in later versions of GCCSDK.  Try setting
UnixEnv$cc1$sfix to an emtpy string.

I would stay away from "file/c" alike filenames on RISC OS for compilations
if possible.  How did you end up in with such a situation btw ?

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