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Lee Noar leenoar at sky.com
Sat Jul 14 03:43:03 PDT 2007

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> > > I'm all for tools which makes our lives easier and more
> > > productive but the current simple patch system we're using
> > > is fine for me but I'm probably a bit biased ;-) Lee,
> > > you're a regular contributor as well, do you think we can
> > > use improvement here and if so, would quilt help us ?
> > 
> > I can see what Peter means, it's not so bad for libunixlib as
> > after an svn update, you can just copy the files from
> > recipe/file/libunixlib to your source tree and call make.
> > However, it can be a bit tedious when a file in the gcc or
> > binutils source is updated. In that case you have to run
> > create-gccsdk to apply the patch and rebuild from scratch.

> I don't think you can avoid a full rebuild when importing new
> gcc/binutils patches from others.  But even after changes in
> our two runtime libraries you better rebuild from scratch as
> changes there better can be checked if it survives a gcc build
> test.  Also with multilib configuration I can't get all
> multilib flavours built & installed on their own without a lot
> of fiddling. I haven't figured it out if this is a problem
> inherent to gcc/multilib or that we have our libunixlib/libscl
> configuration slightly wrong.

> Therefore I prefer the situation that when someone imports new
> changes from others, you do a full rebuild and start working
> from that.  Don't expect that local patching and a make in the
> top build directory will work in a bullet proof way.

True. I have in the past made changes and it worked until I did
a full rebuild and found a build failure that didn't appear
before. That showed me that any major changes need a full
rebuild before commit.

> A full static rebuild for C and C++ languages takes about 12
> minutes (two processor system with -j2 make option) and don't
> want to loose more time doing a partial rebuilt after import
> of other people's changes and seeing things go wrong.  It is
> not worth the 12 minutes.

Yes, you can easily do a full rebuild while you're away doing
something else, like have your dinner or make a cup of tea -
even read slashdot for a bit.

[snip description of possible new script]

Sounds a bit complex, on reflection I think I'm happy with the
way it is.


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