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> I must be missing something.  It is just running create-gccsdk + build-it
> and then you have your installed cross-compiler.

Yes, you are.  Have you read the README lately?   Seriously - there are
a considerable number of manual things you need to do.   You are making
the mistake of being so familiar with it so you don't see the issues.

> Let's try to be more precise please.  Which Wiki documentation ?
> <URL:http://www.riscos.info/index.php/GCCSDK_Development> ? If so, feel
> free to improve it.  I started this page so that it is more public where
> we (Lee & I) are at the moment.  It is ment for GCCSDK Developers,
> not for the casual cross-compiler builder and user as we haven't addressed
> those people for GCCSDK 4 yet.

I'm both a "casual cross-compliler build" and a Developer.   I don't
think it is a matter of individual fixes to the documentation - it's the
other way around.  The system itself needs to be simple, and clear
documentation will follow.  I stand by my assertion that is is presently

> > up + make. Remember, it has to be usable by people who only build it a
> > couple of times too, not those using it constantly.  There's a world of
> > difference.
> For *those* people I don't see a relevant difference between
> "svn update && make" and "svn update && ./create-gccsdk && ./build-it"
> creating & installing the cross compiler.

Well, for starters you missed the "svn up" in the second comparision.
You missed the variables that need to be set, and you missed having to
rebuild the entire thing if the change is just minor (improvements to
Unixlib as many are).

John - you don't need to defend the current system.  I think the
complexities are self-evident.  Let's focus on what we can do.

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