[gccsdk] GCCSDK 3.4.6 Release 3

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Tue Jul 17 16:31:33 PDT 2007

GCCSDK GCC 3.4.6 Release 3

After 10 months of its previous release, we're happy to announce the 3rd
release of GCC 3.4.6 for RISC OS.  It is bug fix release based on the
feedback we got during that period and this during our development of the
next major GCCSDK 4 release.  More information on what those fixes are and
how to download this release can be found at:

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a free collection of compilers that provide
the RISC OS developer with a powerful tool for translating his C, C++ and
Fortran source into fast ARM code that is suitable for execution on RISC OS as
application or module.

GCC Software Development Kit (GCCSDK) is a portable build environment for
creating ARM executables to be run natively on RISC OS. The build environment
is designed to be hosted on a Unix-like system, such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD,
Solaris, MacOS X or even Windows (under Cygwin). GCCSDK releases are tied-in
with the corresponding GCC releases.

John Tytgat
On behalf of the GCCSDK Developers
17 July 2007

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