[gccsdk] Some newbie questions.

Theo Markettos theo at markettos.org.uk
Thu Jul 26 09:54:18 PDT 2007

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 04:19:48PM +0100, Ollie Clark wrote:
> I've finally got the GCCSDK autobuilder set up on my FC6 box but I've got 
> some questions.
> Firstly, at the bottom of the UPP page (http://www.riscos.info/unix/) it 
> says "The UPP can also provide help to budding porters who subscribe to 
> the project." Does that mean I'm meant to be a subscriber to the UPP to be 
> on this list at all? TBH, I don't actually use RO much anymore but I 
> thought I might be able to help a bit in the porting effort.

No, you don't have to subscribe.  No doubt Peter will give you the official
line, but AIUI one of the features of the UPP is you pay for some degree of
support.  While by being on this list you'll still get support, but you get
what you pay for!  In other words, we'll try our best but nothing's

> Secondly, it was a bit of an effort to get it set up on FC6. I couldn't 
> find packages for realpath, libpopt-dev or liborbit-dev. I ended up 
> getting the debian package for realpath and compiling it by hand and I 
> ignored the two libraries in the end. Is it worth me persevering with 
> Fedora or would I be better off installing Debian next time I upgrade and 
> leaving the GCCSDK stuff until then?

Things way be a bit different because different distros package things in
different ways.  Some of the packages listed are only used in autobuilding
some programs (eg Firefox), so if you really can't find something my advice
would be to ignore it and carry on.  At some point you may or may not run
into an error message which will be because the package is missing, and it's
debatable whether that'll take more energy to deduce than installing it in
the first place (if such is messy).  Depends on your Unix skills I suppose.

If you can suggest how we might improve the install on non-Debian machines
that would be most welcome... while I use Fedora at work I don't really
understand its packaging system.

> A corollorary to that question - is it going to be a problem having those 
> libraries missing? If so does anyone know where I might find the packages 
> for them for fedora?

Is there an equivalent of http://packages.debian.org/ where one might search
for files inside packages?

> Thirdly, if I don't have to be a subscriber and fedora isn't too painful, 
> I was looking through the help wanted section for things I could 
> realistically do. The first bullet point looks like about my level at the 
> moment. Is it asking for volunteers to just run the autobuilder on 
> different packages and upload the results somewhere or to actually keep 
> the autobuilder up to date with the latest version available in a debian 
> package? I could easily do the first although I'd be surprised if it 
> wasn't already automated somewhere. I could probably do the second but 
> what package(s) would be the most useful for me to keep up to date?

Mostly the latter.  We want to keep up with the upstream so it's easier to
build new things.  I haven't done any work on GCCSDK for months (Life is
getting in the way) so I'm not really the authority here.


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