[gccsdk] Some newbie questions.

Chris Palmer cpalmer at maths.otago.ac.nz
Thu Jul 26 14:12:43 PDT 2007

Theo Markettos wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 04:19:48PM +0100, Ollie Clark wrote:
>> I've finally got the GCCSDK autobuilder set up on my FC6 box but I've got 
>> some questions.
>> Firstly, at the bottom of the UPP page (http://www.riscos.info/unix/) it 
>> says "The UPP can also provide help to budding porters who subscribe to 
>> the project." Does that mean I'm meant to be a subscriber to the UPP to be 
>> on this list at all? TBH, I don't actually use RO much anymore but I 
>> thought I might be able to help a bit in the porting effort.
> No, you don't have to subscribe.  No doubt Peter will give you the official
> line, but AIUI one of the features of the UPP is you pay for some degree of
> support.  While by being on this list you'll still get support, but you get
> what you pay for!  In other words, we'll try our best but nothing's
> guaranteed.
>> Secondly, it was a bit of an effort to get it set up on FC6. I couldn't 
>> find packages for realpath, libpopt-dev or liborbit-dev. I ended up 
>> getting the debian package for realpath and compiling it by hand and I 
>> ignored the two libraries in the end. Is it worth me persevering with 
>> Fedora or would I be better off installing Debian next time I upgrade and 
>> leaving the GCCSDK stuff until then?
> Things way be a bit different because different distros package things in
> different ways.  Some of the packages listed are only used in autobuilding
> some programs (eg Firefox), so if you really can't find something my advice
> would be to ignore it and carry on.  At some point you may or may not run
> into an error message which will be because the package is missing, and it's
> debatable whether that'll take more energy to deduce than installing it in
> the first place (if such is messy).  Depends on your Unix skills I suppose.
> If you can suggest how we might improve the install on non-Debian machines
> that would be most welcome... while I use Fedora at work I don't really
> understand its packaging system.

Although I myself tend to use Debian for gccsdk related work (since that 
is the distro that it works best in), I have in the past built GCCSDK on 
a Fedora machine without too many problems. The autobuilder packages are 
a different story.

Remember also that Fedora is a lot more unstable than Debian in terms of 
package changes - Fedora is really best as a bleeding-edge Desktop 
distro, and not a large-scale development bed.

>> A corollorary to that question - is it going to be a problem having those 
>> libraries missing? If so does anyone know where I might find the packages 
>> for them for fedora?
> Is there an equivalent of http://packages.debian.org/ where one might search
> for files inside packages?

Generally speaking using the command "yum provides" is the best way to 
find a missing library under Fedora. For instance, try "yum provides 
*libkrb5*" to find any packages which contain a file with libkrb5 as 
part of the path. You may also wish to use "yum search" and "yum list" - 
see the "yum" help page for further information.


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