[gccsdk] Iconv 0.08

John-Mark Bell jmb202 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Mar 11 06:49:40 PDT 2007

Version 0.08 of the Iconv module is now available for download. This is a 
recommended update for all users - new builds of NetSurf will require it.

New in this version:
   * Improve support for endian-specific Unicode variants (UTF-32{BE,LE},
   * Add rudimentary transliteration support (activated via //TRANSLIT) -
     simply replaces unrepresentable characters with '?' for now.
   * Remove StubsG build as A9home now has a C99 capable C library.
   * Overhauled documentation

Fixed in this version:

   * Fix bug in 8bit writing which resulted in the remaining buffer size
     being reduced even if nothing was written.
   * Work around issue in UnicodeLib where remaining buffer size is
     reduced if an attempt is made to write an unrepresentable character
     (which results in nothing being written).
   * Handle ISO-8859-{1,2,9,10,15} more strictly, rather than attempting to
     use ISO-6937-2-25 style shift sequences.

Changed in this version:

   * Tightened up parameter checking in various places.
   * Improve hashing of encoding aliases (may result in minor speed

About Iconv

Iconv is a module providing character set conversion facilites for 
third-party applications. It is currently used by a number of 
applications, most notably NetSurf. UnixLib's iconv support also requires 
this module.

Updating from earlier versions

If updating from earlier versions, please perform _both_ a !Boot and 
!System merge with the contents of the Iconv distribution archive as 
documented in the Installation section of the ReadMe file.

Where to get it

Iconv 0.08 may be downloaded from http://www.netsurf-browser.org/iconv/

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