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John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Tue Mar 20 16:27:32 PDT 2007

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          Theo Markettos <theo at markettos.org.uk> wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 07:53:07PM -0800, Peter Naulls wrote:
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> > The patches are relatively small.  But unless there's anyone whose name
> > isn't John Tytgat who's actually autobuilt Firefox 1.5 (which is
> > straightfoward following the Wiki instructions), there's little point.
> > I'm happy to discuss details on the GCCSDK list.
> Well, I have.  I've considered looking at FF2, but if the patches aren't
> available then there's no point on me working on FF1.5.  It might be there
> are only upstream changes, but I don't know that and it would be silly for
> anyone to not develop the RISC OS trunk.

I think it would already a good start and learning step to build FF1.5.
The build system and all the necessary patches for libraries are there.
The only thing which stands in a smooth build from start to end is that we
don't have enough people to regulary build everything and keep up with
upstream changes.

I did for some time full builds of nearly all libraries but had to stop that
for time reasons and now that I'm spending nearly all my spare time on the
main GCCSDK development, I hope to see other people taking this up. There
is an enormas value in the autobuilder and it is harvest time to make use
of it.

The more people who are using autobuilder, the more feedback we get and
insights how we can smoothen building even further.

> I can't guarantee I'm going to spend any time on it (it depends on having a
> supply of spare Sunday afternoons), but if the source isn't available it
> prohibits anyone from working on it on the off-chance.

For FF1.5 building everything is there.  I'm nearly sure that when you
have done this, you already have 95% of the work done for an FF2 build.
I wouldn't be surprised that an FF2 build (with X11 based interface) nearly
builds out-of-the-box with same or simalar patches made for FF1.5.

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