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Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Thu Mar 29 18:41:58 PDT 2007

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> Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:
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> > I get insulted and critisized if I post almost anything.  Your post is
> > just an example of this.
> Peter it is very useful to be able to distinguish the difference between an
> expression of a difference of opinion and criticism/insults. That post was
> definitely the former, and in no way the latter.

That doesn't mean it wasn't insulting.

> Because you take the even the slightest deviation from your own views as an
> insult, it alienates people who are in fact supporters of your work. Open
> source is all about cooperation, but unfortunately very few people feel
> they can work with you because of the risk of any minor issue turning in to
> a major disagreement.

I know that's simply not true, and certainly not by any evidence of
projects you and I have worked on (we haven't AFAICR) - about the worst
critisism I've had about collaborative work is that my standards (at
times) are so high.

But it's you who should be more careful - apart from posting responses
to the wrong list, you went and took comments I made completely out of
context and attributed opinions to me that I didn't make on drobe.  If
you want to debate how future Firefox development should proceed, then
that's fine, but you most certainly shouldn't start from the point of
telling people precisely what should be done when you've so little
knowledge (at present) of what's involved, nor should you be surprised
when I won't pretend that Firefox exists by itself in a bubble.

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