[gccsdk] Firefox 2 patches

Peter Teichmann lists at peter-teichmann.de
Sat Mar 31 02:44:07 PDT 2007

Am Freitag, 30. März 2007 03:35 schrieb Peter Naulls:
> No, the saddest part is that the relevance of my work has been
> completely missed except by a very few supporters, and you've ignored
> what I've said. I've been asked on several occasions recently (and no so
> recently) to make Firefox et al easy to build.  But guess what - it is,
> and has been for a very long time.  Just about everything you suggest I
> should do, I've already done, or perhaps more importantly, built the
> infrastructure precisely so they can take place.  That is why your post
> is so patronizing, and seems so very naive.

Peter, it seems you do not want to get the point. It is not your work that 
people have problems with. Your work is deeply respected and recognized. We 
know that you are very capable, as probably only few people are.

And because of this I am sad to see the problems, which you definitely have, 
when it comes to discussions with other people who have a different opinion.  
It seems to be very difficult for you to recognize what is actually 
criticised and what not. As soon there is a different opinion, something gets 
locked, and you just can fight and defend your "honour".

You say you did everything that is necessary to bring Firefox et al forward 
from an open source point of view. So, why did it not work? One reason is of 
course the extremely small user base RISC OS has in our days. There are 
simply not enough programmers. But an other reason is what I described 
before, and what many people tried to tell you, but what you just consider to 
be unqualified insults. 

> If you and others want to take RISC OS forward - from an OSS angle or
> otherwise, how about doing just that, not telling _me_ what to do.
> That will get you nowhere - if for no other reason, than I have precious
> little time at present.

Please, I do not tell you what to do, I suggest something which you can 
consider or ignore. In my opinion, nobody can bring RISC OS forward anymore. 
It is a dead end. Once it was very progressive, but that is now 15 years ago. 
For me it is an interesting hobby, but not more.

Peter Teichmann

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