[gccsdk] Help with Linux Installation on an Iyonix

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Sun Oct 14 13:35:56 PDT 2007

I am stuck trying to install debian.
I have RO 5.13, with the standard (original) video card.
I fitted a 60GB hddrive, and with !HForm made a 2GB ADFS bit.
Running !dInstall I went through most of the procedure.

The partition table reads:
/dev/hdd1  -- not mounted--  ADFS
/dev/hdd3  swap              Linux swap (ARM Linux)
/dev/hdd4  /target           Linux ext2 (ARM Linux)
/dev/hda1  -- not mounted--  ADFS
/dev/hdb1  -- not mounted--  ADFS

When I got to 'Please select the medium you will use to
install the system'.

What's the correct option?

I first chose Hard disc, but 'No ext2, minix, msdos, affs, hfs
partitions that had not already been mounted were detected.'

Choosing 'mounted' led to

Select partition, '/target: dev/hdd4' Select Debian archive: 'list'

'File Not Found. The installation program couldn't find any dirctory
containing the file rescue  .bin, iyonix drivers.tgz.'



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