[gccsdk] Dynamic libraries vs pthreads

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sun Aug 10 22:29:02 PDT 2008

I'm seeing a crash shortly after threading begins using a shared library
version of Firefox.  Of course, there are lots of things involved
including no less than 83 separate libraries.  The crash isn't entirely
consistent, proably because sometimes it gets a valid enough value to
try and continue.  But this is reasonably repeatable:

Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault

Stack backtrace:

Running thread 0x39cfc
  ( 15c7ef8) pc: 5c748c3c lr: 5c7491e8 sp:  15c7efc  ?()
  ( 15c7fa0) pc: 5c748d40 lr: 5c749eb4 sp:  15c7fa4  ?()
  ( 15c7fb0) pc: 5c749d60 lr: 5dc6737c sp:  15c5f94  __h_cback()

  Register dump at 015c7fb4:

    a1:        1 a2:     8000 a3:  6540285 a4:        0
    v1:   1d9ff0 v2:  15c6250 v3:   20a028 v4:   1c77dc
    v5: 57d04bb8 v6:   1d9be0 sl:  15c4200 fp:  15c5fb4
    ip:    36178 sp:  15c5f94 lr: 5dc6737c pc: 5c6e495c
    cpsr: 20000093

  5c6e4948 : llba : 61626c6c : Undefined instruction
  5c6e494c : ck.. : 00006b63 : ANDEQ   R6,R0,R3,ROR #22
  5c6e4950 : ...ÿ : ff000014 : Undefined instruction
  5c6e4954 : .!Ÿå : e59f211c : LDR     R2,&5C6E4A78
  5c6e4958 : . —ç : e7972002 : LDR     R2,[R7,R2]
  5c6e495c : <.’å : e592003c : LDR     R0,[R2,#60]
  5c6e4960 : ..0ã : e3300000 : TEQ     R0,#0
  5c6e4964 : @.’. : 05920040 : LDREQ   R0,[R2,#64]
  5c6e4968 : ..0. : 03300000 : TEQEQ   R0,#0

The backtrace itself varies, but is code that is currently running.  The
code above is of course from __pthread_callback in UnixLib.   I haven't
actually tried any other pthread code with shared libraries, so I don't
know if this is unique or not to Firefox.

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