[gccsdk] Dynamic libraries vs pthreads

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Aug 12 13:53:39 PDT 2008

John Tytgat wrote:
> In message <48A10D2D.8060100 at chocky.org> you wrote:
>> Lee Noar wrote:
>>> I suspect that r7 does not contain UnixLib's GOT pointer as it should 
>>> and that is why you get a bogus value in r2 which causes the seg fault. 
>>> The change I've just committed (r3519) should fix it.
>> That helps.  But it's far from the only problem.  Now it locks up
>> or crashes sometime after it starts a wimp task.  I don't have much
>> information right now.  Anyone interested in helping debug? ;-)
> I would be interested but I simply don't have free time left.  I even have
> to get my act together to reserve some time to get gccsdk 4 out of the
> door as cust 1. :-(

Usual story ;-)

In any case, I'll put what I have in the AB.  I'll also knock up a
simple pthreads + shared libs WIMP app, since I don't think anyone's
tried that yet.  It may be something simple that we've overlooked like
the previous fix.

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