[gccsdk] Shared Library Firefox test version

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sat Aug 30 20:46:01 PDT 2008

Warning: This is really only a developer version.  It contains known
bugs and relies on prerelease versions of components still under
development.  As such, I'd like to ask that discussion of its
problems remain with developers who are in a position to help
analyze them.  Any user who tries it will be on their own until
there is a full release, and will in any case probably be worse

This is it:


Which is more or less what you'll get from the AB right now.
The SharedLibs archive is the application from the GCCSDK
build with the addition of all the other libraries required
to make it run.

Apart from any extant issues, I see also in addition:

The value of __dynamic_da_name not being used.  I tried
a much smaller shared CX11 program with it and that
used it fine.  The variable is in the main application,
not any of the dynamic libraries.

Intermittent crashes near start up (up to 50% of the time).
This is one I referred to earlier - the backtrace starts
at FillStatCache, but the assembler dump refers to
code in one of our hand-written str* functions, but goes
away with addition of debug in FillStatCache.

Slightly incorrect menu handling, due to a previously
global static not working with the structure of
dynamically loaded libraries - I'll probably fix this
by moving it elsewhere somehow.

Besides those, I also really need to fix timer issues -
the caret for example should flash every second, rather
than every 5 seconds, and then more often with Wimp

Any help appreciated.

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