[gccsdk] Patch for getgrouplist() and ELF questions

Theo Markettos theo at markettos.org.uk
Thu Dec 4 13:54:33 PST 2008

Peter's given me SVN commit access.  However there are a few things I want
to clear up before I start doing anything:

Is there a policy on code review?  Apart from fixing simple bugs, I probably
don't want to start committing chunks of code without at least giving
someone else the chance to say I'm being stupid.  Shall I continue to post
patches to the list for feedback?

What's the autobuilder settings to build for the packaging website?  I had a
go with a standard SVN HEAD checkout of both GCC4 and autobuilder, and it
built everything as ELF very nicely.  But it also packaged them as ELF,
which wasn't so good.  Do I need to have a 3.4 AIF compiler handy as well?
(and if so, can they coexist?) Or do you just run elf2aif on everything? 
I tried that, but it said:

: ELF file 'ls,e1f' contains non-static program data which makes it
: unconvertable to AIF

Is that the default autobuilder setup building for a shared library system? 
Should programs for the end-user be built static?

If I want to run ELF programs, what do I need?  I couldn't find anything on
the wiki about this.

Anyway, attached is a patch to provide getgrouplist() for review.  This
enables coreutils to build.  I haven't been able to test it on RISC OS, but
there's a test program and file included, which covers it fairly thoroughly. 
As testing requires a known /etc/group (where does that end up on RISC OS?)
the test program needed a modified copy of the function to work on Unix.  So
it's only a regression test if run on RISC OS and you can introduce the
supplied 'test.group' file as /etc/group for the duration of the test.

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