[gccsdk] Patch for getgrouplist() and ELF questions

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 01:02:31 PST 2008

> On: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 21:54:33 Theo Markettos wrote:
> Peter's given me SVN commit access. However there are a few things I want
> to clear up before I start doing anything:
[snip code review policy as I don't know]
> What's the autobuilder settings to build for the packaging website?
There is a document in the autobuilder called Packaging.html. This has a
section on how to package for the autobuilder web site. If there is
anything unclear or missing from it please let me know and I'll see if
I can improve it.
To actually get something on the autobuilder website isn't that automatic.
The steps are:
1. Create a file in the correct format (see above).
2. Copy the file to the correct location on the riscos info machine:
   Where section name is the section to put it in. e.g. Games/Graphics etc.
3. If the source needs to be provided as well copy the source zip file
   which is also made during packaging to:
4. Finally log onto the package site, go to the var/www/info/packages
   directory and run:
   This final step is what creates the web page for the package, and
   adds it to the RiscPkg index so it can be downloaded with !RiscPkg.
> I had a
> go with a standard SVN HEAD checkout of both GCC4 and autobuilder, and it
> built everything as ELF very nicely. But it also packaged them as ELF,
> which wasn't so good. Do I need to have a 3.4 AIF compiler handy as well?
> (and if so, can they coexist?) Or do you just run elf2aif on everything? 
> I tried that, but it said:
> : ELF file 'ls,e1f' contains non-static program data which makes it
> : unconvertable to AIF

I'm not a expert here, so hopefully someone else can provide a more
definitive answer but as far as I understand it to get a AIF image
you need to ensure that the application and it libraries have all
been built with the -static option. Then elf2aif would work.
> Is that the default autobuilder setup building for a shared library system? 
> Should programs for the end-user be built static?

I assume something has changed as it used to build static libraries and
apply elf2eif to create AIF applications by default.
Can anyone clear this up? I'd like to know what the final decision on any
options to control this was as well.

> If I want to run ELF programs, what do I need? I couldn't find anything on
> the wiki about this.
I think this is because GCC4 has still not been officially released. I've
got some riscpkg packages that set it up for me. But basically you need
the !SharedLibs application built from the tree and seen by the filer and
then ELF programs will just work.
(FYI: My packages put it in !Boot.Resources so it's always available)
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