[gccsdk] Preparing GCCSDK 4.1.1 Release 1

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Sun Dec 14 07:33:26 PST 2008

A proposal and/or summery what I would like to see happening with respect
to the following GCCSDK releases:

- I'm currently preparing the GCCSDK 4.1.1 Release 1 containing the C and
  C++ compilers.  Although the Ada compiler shows initial signs of working
  I haven't found yet the time to pinpoint the miscompilation of 'gnatmake'
  so Ada is currently not release ready.
  As said before, this release will only contain the static libraries and
  we'll reserve the shared library feature for the next release after doing
  some more testing.
- In order to facilitate more shared libraries testing on RISC OS itself,
  I'll also spin off a GCCSDK 4.1.1 pre-rel2 release as well containing the
  sharedlibrary support in the (promising) state it is now.

Concerning Release 1 itself:

- I'm aware of the following 2 problems which needs addressing before
  we can do Release 1:
  1) We have a couple of reports on different/wrong behaviour caused by
     SUL 1.11 module (the current released version is 1.10 and changes in
     1.11 where made to let the UnixLib environment correctly being passed
     on to subprocesses, needed by !GCC itself).  I'll investigate what can
     be done.
  2) The NetSurf developers express the desire to get access back to
     UnixLib's __write_backtrace function (or some equivalent function).
     __write_backtrace which was made hidden during the UnixLib 5

- I was thinking to include our GCCSDK 3.4.6 'as' (ObjAsm compatible
  assembler which can output in AOF and ELF format) as 'objasm' in
  GCCSDK 4.1.1 in order to ease the migration of assembler/C projects where
  the assembler parts are still in ObjAsm syntax.  I would make the ELF
  output format the default.  We have to rename the GCCSDK 3.4.6 'as' as
  otherwise it will conflict with GAS 'as' binary already in !GCC but I'm
  not sure if 'objasm' is really the right choice.  Suggestions ? Feedback
  please ?

- The 'make', coreutils and bison/flex tools which were present in our
  previous GCCSDK 3.4 releases are/will be no longer there in the
  GCCSDK 4.1.1 kits.  The idea is to refer to the Autobuilder versions
  at <URL:http://www.riscos.info/packages/> but currently we only have
  'make' available.
  Could someone look after the release for coreutils and bison/flex please ?

Anything else which better gets addressed before the Release 1 ?

Oh yes, anticipated release date, well obviously when it is ready but a
Xmas release would be nice, wouldn't it ?

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John.Tytgat at aaug.net                             ARM powered, RISC OS driven

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