[gccsdk] Preparing GCCSDK 4.1.1 Release 1

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Mon Dec 22 12:40:00 PST 2008

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          Theo Markettos <theo at markettos.org.uk> wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 05:33:26PM +0200, John Tytgat wrote:
> > A proposal and/or summery what I would like to see happening with respect
> > to the following GCCSDK releases:
> [snip good stuff]
> > - I was thinking to include our GCCSDK 3.4.6 'as' (ObjAsm compatible
> >   assembler which can output in AOF and ELF format) as 'objasm' in
> >   GCCSDK 4.1.1 in order to ease the migration of assembler/C projects where
> >   the assembler parts are still in ObjAsm syntax.  I would make the ELF
> >   output format the default.  We have to rename the GCCSDK 3.4.6 'as' as
> >   otherwise it will conflict with GAS 'as' binary already in !GCC but I'm
> >   not sure if 'objasm' is really the right choice.  Suggestions ? Feedback
> >   please ?
> I meant to reply to this and didn't - sorry for the late feedback.  I'm not
> sure 'objasm' is a good choice because of the clash with Norcroft. 
> Currently you can use both Norcroft C and GCC in parallel because one is
> 'cc' and the other 'gcc'.  If you call 'as' 'objasm' then the user has to
> mess with paths to select the right one.  Or do you feel that 'as' is now a
> replacement for objasm in every way? I'm afraid I don't have any bright
> ideas for a new name - 'gccasm' perhaps?  There are very few hits for that
> on Google.  Then the user can alias gccasm to objasm if they want that.

Actually you're voicing the same concerns I'm having.  Currently I've merged
the lastest version of 'as' on release_3_4_6 branch to GCCSDK 4 trunk as
'objasm' and brushed it a little up so it builds but it is *not* included
in the main GCCSDK build procedure.

For those who want it to build (either as cross, either as RISC OS native
binary) in their local copy, just apply this small change:

Index: riscos/build-it
--- riscos/build-it	(revision 3612)
+++ riscos/build-it	(working copy)
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
 # Build the programs which we use for cross-compiling and for native RISC OS compiling:
-for roapp in cmunge elf2aif ln mkresfs ; do
+for roapp in cmunge elf2aif ln mkresfs objasm ; do
   if [ ! -f $GCCSDK_PREFIX/bin/$roapp -a ! -f $GCCSDK_PREFIX/bin/$roapp,ff8 -a ! -f $GCCSDK_PREFIX/bin/$roapp,e1f ] ; then
     echo +++ Building $roapp
     test -f $GCCSDK_RISCOS/$roapp/configure || ( cd $GCCSDK_RISCOS/$roapp && autoreconf --install )

The reason why I didn't include this in our build is that 'as' got changes
after the GCCSDK 3.4.6 R3 release which are in fact regressions.  I just
tried the awrender.s from the NetSurf project (the objasm/AOF section, not
the gas/ELF one) as a test and that failed to parse that correctly.

So it is not ready to be released in this stage and it won't be included
in the GCCSDK 4.1.1 Release 1 nor next releases either until that regression
is fixed.  Would someone like to look after this ? This is small project
and can be developed and tested outside the main GCCSDK build so the stepin
should be rather small.

BTW, I don't think 'as' is a replacement for Norcroft C 'objasm' but
with some care and love, it certainly has the capability to become it.  So
a better name than 'as'/'objasm' is needed.

> Thanks for all your hard work (even though I don't understand some of it :)

Thanks :-)

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