[gccsdk] Problem building the crosscompiler on Cygwin

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Thu Oct 30 17:51:04 PDT 2008

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          Jan-Jaap van der Geer <jjvdgeer at inbox.com> wrote:

> Adam <lists at snowstone.org.uk> wrote:
> > Jan-Jaap, as defeatist as this sounds, I'd suggest that if you
> > "know very little about unix and/or cygwin" there's little point
> > in you trying to get GCCSDK 4.1 to work with Cygwin :(
> So far Google has helped me on the Cygwin issues. We'll see how far
> I get... :-)
> > Even if you solve the autoconf version problem, you're still
> > going to have to find a working version of autogen...
> I managed to find a version of autogen. I don't really know how to
> install these packages. I downloaded a non-src package and I have
> not found a way to install it. I copied the files in places that
> seemed logical, probably a very bad thing, but we'll see.
> With autoconf it seemed a bit more difficult and I ended up d/l the
> src-version and following the instructions of that. (The non-src
> package had the same instructions but they did not really
> apply to that version, as far as I can see - strange stuff...).

Feel free to add anything worthwhile concerning Cygwin building
on the page <URL:http://www.riscos.info/index.php/Cygwin_setup>.

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