[gccsdk] riscos.info News

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sun Sep 7 12:03:17 PDT 2008

Peter Naulls wrote:
> Does anyone want to take on the role of expanding the riscos.info news
> section into broader RISC OS news coverage.  I'm not looking for much -
> just a once a week interest item, with a paragraph of coverage.  This
> is in addition to occasional updates on the site.  Something to
> keep the site moving along.


The idea here is to extend riscos.info to provide as much coverage of
RISC OS as possible - at least superficially - it doesn't need every
last detail.  In any case, the main story could be accompanied by a
picture - there's plenty of room in the News column, or "breaking
out" into the top section.  Not dissimilar to what BBC News does.

For example, the current item I put up (Games from Alan) would
simply have a screen shot.  It could optionally have a short
news item linked from it, or in this case, just link to the
AB page.

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